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Oddball is a study of what makes us feel out of place or awkward in social situations. Perhaps we should choose to go against the crowd and believe what we feel to be true. Let's fight off the social pressure and oppression, and just be who we are without feeling that we must fit in.

This track was developed using Famitracker 0.4.3 with Ricoh 2a03 + Konami VRC6. It was mastered in Sonar X1. For the raw, original Famicom audio, please see the attached NSF file.


released September 25, 2013

Special thanks to Chipocrite for encouraging me to write chiptune stuff in the first place. Shoutout to 8static, where this track was first played via Open Mic.



all rights reserved


Ap0c Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ap0c uses Famicom and MegaDrive audio to explore social encounters, interpret haunting memories, and expose visceral emotions.

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